For quite a long time, we have been too busy to consolidate these customers' feedback to put on our website. Clients are different in expressing their feelings towards our services. Some of them would throw over a simple sentence when sending me an email almost once 3 months for a rescheduling they need. "Grace does a fabulous job!" "Jordan did a fantastic job as always with the spring clean." "We are happy with Samuel." We have been pretty enjoying this autopilot mode. While some others, they just recommend their friends again and again without a notice. We are so grateful to have these clients. Of course not all feedback are always positive. We are humans. We have shortcomings and we make mistakes. When this occurs, there are always our clients being patient, giving us comments and opportunities to rectify. We are so lucky to have them!  

Here are some of the long words from our clients. We will have more customer stories on later.

18/5/2016 Fortnightly cleaning in Success.

Hello Nina, just letting you know that we are so very happy with the efforts of your cleaners last week and want to confirm that we will have our house cleaned every fortnight, as I wasn't here when the ladies left last week. So we look forward to next week on the Thursday the 26th for her next visit. Cheers 

Kelly M

13/5/2016 Carpet steaming in Woodvale. Reply by text.

Thank you for the great clean of our carpets and rugs we will use your service again

5/8/2015 Spring cleaning in Mt Lawley


I was impressed with the window cleaning. I don’t think the windows have been that clean in all the time I have owned the apartment.


30/7/2015 Carpet and upholstery cleaning in Claremont, West Leederville

Dear Nina,

Sean worked very hard and did a wonderful job.  I will recommend you to my friends.


28/1/2015 Carpet cleaning in Scarborough

Dear Nina,

I am writing to thank you and Sean for (once again) doing the most amazing job on our carpet.  He is so lovely and even though the rest of the carpets were in much better condition than the first time he came, the extra room wasn't!  I never would have thought that he would be able to get every last bit of bicycle grease out of that carpet - but he did. Incredible!

I am as impressed with your service this time as I was last time, I will again be telling everyone I know how good you are.

Kind regards,

22/12/2014 Weekly cleaning, 4*2 house in Leederville

Hi Nina


We won’t be needing a clean for the next two weeks – could Leon please return on Thurs 8 Jan?  We are really pleased with his work and hope that he liked his gift.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family.



17/12/2014 Vacate cleaning in Northbridge

Hi Nina


Thank you for all your help. Your people were fantastic & did a great job. We will be using you guys again.


Kind regards, Geoff

Building Supervisor

M.A.C.S. Maintenance & Contracting Services

21/11/2014 Carpet Steaming in Doubleview

Hi Nina,

Just a quick note to let you know I am really happy with the results of this mornings clean. It was quick and effective. The carpet looks great.
Thanks again

14/11/2014 Long term partner real estate agent Abel McGrath Property Group

Thank you so much Nina. You and your team are fantastic and I really appreciate how you always fit these jobs in.


Asset Manager

13/11/2014 Fortnightly cleaning, 3*1.5 apartment in Wembley

I also wanted to pass on how impressed I was with the couple's work last
time - my kids live at the apartment and let's just say that they
wouldn't pass any rent inspections!


30/6/2014 Once off carpet steaming, 2*1 apartment in Mt Lawley

Many thanks Nina, my flatmate and I are really impressed with the service.


27/6/2014 Once off vacate and carpet steaming, 3*2 house in Cottesloe

Thank you Nina.
The girls were very sweet and hard working.

20/6/2014 Weekly cleaning, 4*2.5 house in Doubleview

Jane and Jessica do a wonderful job, they are the best cleaners I have ever had!

Dwayne and Amanda

6/2/2014 Carpet cleaning in Wembley

Thank you so much, I was very happy with the carpet cleaning and shall certainly call you next time we need cleaning services.



23/1/2014 Vacate cleaning, 3*2 villa in Westminister

Hi Nina

You (your team) did a terrific job!

Thank you for your excellent service


Senior Property Manager| Force Real Estate Balcatta

22/1/2014 Fortnightly cleaning, 4*2 house in Wembley

Hi Nina, Does that mean the coming Monday or the one after and then fortnightly. Either is fine with me. Jane and her team are great and we feel lucky to get them. Sarah

1/11/2013 Fortnightly cleaning, 4*2 house in Rivervale

Dear Nina,

I'm writing to tell you that we are moving up to the hills later this month and would like to therefore cancel your services. We've been really grateful for the cleaning service provided by your company, Jordan and then Harrison, and will definitely recommend your company to anyone who needs a cleaning service. I was struggling to keep our house clean when my daughter was a baby, but I think I'm back to being able to keep it under control by myself now.  In the future if I have another child and need help again, I will look you up again (if you come up to Kalamunda that is)..

Thanks again for everything and all the best,


14/9/2013 Carpet cleaning, 2*1 unit in Wembley

Hi Nina. The cleaner did a fantastic job on the carpets. Thankyou very much. Very pleased with your service. 


12/9/2013 Monthly cleaning, 3*1.5 house in Subiaco

Hi Nina, the cleaner did a fantastic job - she is very good - thank you! We would love her to come back! Will arrange a regular monthly time to come , please say thank you to her for us! 


11/9/2013 Weekly office cleaning in West Leederville

Thanks Nina. Great job as usual. 


29/7/2013 Fortnightly cleaning,  3*2.5 double level house in Doubleview

Hi Nina,

I’m sure we must be the worst clients you have.

Unfortunately, I have to advise you that I have to cancel cleaning until further notice.  My daughter is out of work and needs some income – so she has offered to clean the house to earn money. IF you wish, when she gets work again I can resume but I fully appreciate how unreliable we are as customers.  I think the cleaners do a fine job and this is no reflection on their work.


19/7/2013 Weekly cleaning,  3*2.5 double level house in Floreat

Dear Nina,

I’m sorry but I will need to cancel the cleaners from now.

No complaints from me, but I have a relative who is badly in need of some work, so I will be having her do the cleaning.

Please pass on my thanks to the ladies for their help in the last few months.

All the best, and thank you.



18/6/2013 One-off cleaning,  3*2 townhouse in East Victoria Park

Hi Nina, 

Thanks. Cleaning was good, the cleaner was very thorough.

I will be in touch again later.


12/2/2013 Fortnightly standard cleaning,  3*1.5 split level house in North Perth
Hi Nina,
I just wanted to let you know that I was really happy with the job Ying did yesterday, her attention to detail was fantastic and it was really clean. Look forward to her coming back in a fortnight!

30/1/2013 Carpet cleaning,  1*1.5 unit in Perth

Hi Nina,

Just a quick email to tell you how happy I am with the service from your company. The carpet looks very clean and the whole service was very fast and professional.

I have already recommended your company to friends of mine.

Thanks again

25/1/2013 Fortnightly standard cleaning,  2*2.5 townhouse in Kewdale

Hi Nina,

Sorry, I totally forgot to flick you an email after the clean. We were trying various cleaners, and none have met our standards except you guys! So thank you, we're very happy to have that (regular fortnightly cleaning) booked.


25/10/2012 Weekly standard cleaning+ironing,  4*2 house in Wembley Downs

Thanks again for a great job Ying and friend, I am so happy I have someone I can rely on, Genja

17/10/2012 Fortnightly standard cleaning,  4*1.5 house in North Perth

Hi Nina,
I'm sorry to inform you that we wish to cancel our cleaning contract with you.
My mother in law has offered to do the job for us, so it is not because we are not happy with your service.  In fact we were very happy and will be happy to recommend you to friends or use you again at a later date if we need to.
Thanks for your service, and sorry again.

3/10/2012 Fortnightly standard cleaning,  3*1 house in Wembley

Hi Nina, 

Just wanted to pass on that we were very happy with the cleaning job yesterday. Please pass on our gratitude to the cleaner. 

What is his/her name? We would like to continue with him/her if possible.

Thanks again,

25/09/2012 Fortnightly cleaning, starting with a rent inspection package + spot clean of walls + oven cleaning + carpet steaming, 2*2 big apartment in East Perth

Hi Nina, 

I was very happy with the result. C
an you please email me a receipt for the carpet steaming, as my real estate would like a copy?

Brooke XXXX

8/08/2012 Once off cleaning plus oven cleaning, 3*2 house in North Perth

Hi Nina, 

Samuel did a great job though and was punctual and polite. I will definitely be in contact about future bookings.

Shona XXXX

27/07/2012 Fortnightly cleaning, 4*1.5 house in Duncraig, Perth

Hi Nina, 

Just wanted to say our cleaner today was fantastic! The job was done very professionally! Please book us in every second Friday at what ever time suits the cleaner.

Great professional job very happy! 

Nicole XXXX

--------------------------5 minutes later, came another email-------------------------     
Please give this feedback to cleaner! Very happy and below comments! 


26/07/2012 Weekly cleaning, 5*3 house in Dalkeith, Perth

Hi Nina

Overall I was quite happy. The dusting and kitchen clean were particularly good. The mopping and the vacuuming could be improved. There was still milk stains in the baby's room and some food stains on the floor which just needed some attention rather than mopping over them. 

On a positive note I think the bathrooms were cleaned reasonably well. 
Overall a good 1st effort.

Priya XXXX

08/06/2012 Fortnightly office cleaning in Osbourne Park, Perth

Hi Nina, 

Just want to say how happy we are with the current cleaner. He is just 
delightful and does such a great job. I would like to keep him on our 
clean please.

Chloe XXXX

07/05/2012 Weekly cleaning, 4*3 house in Swanbourne, Perth

Hi Nina,

Will Sam and Jingjing be back to clean prior to their graduation in 

If not, could you kindly pass on my very best wishes to them - please 
thank them for the wonderful job they did, they were the best cleaners 
I have come across!  And please wish them every success in their lives 
back in China.  It was lovely to meet them both.

Many thanks,
Jackie XXXX

25/02/2012 fortnightly cleaning, 4*2 house in Canning Vale, Perth

Hi Nina, 

I am writing to you today to thank you for my fabulous cleaner, Sam.

Sam is a wonderful young man who's cleaning standard is as high as my 
own. I am very very happy with him, and love when he comes to clean. 
My home is left looking great, and it makes my life much less 
stressful, as I don't have to worry about doing this myself, and since 
my accident I do struggle to do the basics. So having Sam come and 
look after this aspect, has made my life so much easier, and now I can 
simply concentrate on my recovery. 

Although Sam's English isn't fantastic, he tries very hard, and I 
really appreciate that about him. 
He is a very kind young man, and I believe a brilliant asset to your 
Thank you for sending Sam as my cleaner, I am very happy with him.

Kind Regards