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How to compare the price for your end of lease cleaning?

posted Jul 7, 2014, 1:43 AM by Nina Li   [ updated Jul 7, 2014, 1:46 AM ]
By Nina Li

It is very necessary but not easy to find the best value when you come to compare the price for your end of lease cleaning requirement. Why? A vacate cleaning job usually is heavy duty, especially for big houses. Therefore the price is not cheap for it is nature. If you home is in normal condition, you do not have to consider professional grout and tile cleaning or the cost of repaint the walls. To get a business who can do general cleaning, window cleaning and carpet cleaning can save your time.

When comparing a quote for an end of lease cleaning, be SMART not to fall into a lowest price trap with not all your cleaning requirements met. When you get a super cheap price, ask some questions. Make sure everything required by your real estate agent or the landlord is within the service scope if you are not planning to do part of the cleaning yourself. Otherwise your attempt to save might result in big loss considering the time it might involve to rectify. Remember, you are seeking a cleaning SERVICE, not a standard product which you can simply pick the lowest price for. Some cheap cleaners usually do not do outside cleaning including the outside of windows, nor fly screens. Some real estate agents normally give a limited timeline (for example 24 hours) for you to redo the cleaning when the satisfaction is not met. If you are too busy to manage, it would be easier to leave to trustworthy cleaning businesses to do it for you without any risk of bond deduction.